Pear and Vanilla – Slams the Jam

All hail to vanilla lovers out there, give your fave a thrill of a pear with the best tasting pear and vanilla jam. Forget that plain vanilla and opt to sweet twist of pear that will be shared to you by the following recipe magi. Pears may be a little usual for everybody to taste, the reason why this is the most innovative jam that will tickle your tongue, discover the recipe and enjoy just the delish surprises.

This is just the perfect recipe for you to let the vanilla standout, looking just the best of it when cooked, a golden-ish and a translucent colors creating a very delighting stuff to eat. This is so good to have during parties and holidays,so what are you waiting for grab a copy of the recipe below and fill your dining area with jars of love and yummiest.

peer and vanilla

What you need:

All you need is just four ingredients that will make this gourmet jam, to start with, have 8  cups of Barlette pears, chop them, it would be best for you to always choose the think skinned type of pear so that there will need for you to peel. Then, get ready for a splash of vanilla by having a couple of vanilla beans for you to scrape and split, four cups of sugar and a pocket of liquid pectin.

Proceed to the instructions

Start with a heavy build, and large pot, mix all those pears and sugars as well as the vanilla beans. Set in medium heat to cook to the point that fruits are easily smashed already through the use of a wooden spoon. So for you to achieve that perfectly mushy texture, it would be best for you to use a food processor or a blender.  Just never forget to remove all the vanilla beans right before the blending.

Now, you may add the pectin until you achieve the rolling boil and stay that way for at least five minutes for you to have the perfect pectin, this is very crucial when you are making jams for the consistency and if everything’s ready, you may now put all the jams inside the jar and make sure that you remove all the residues, you may then apply the leads through heating the can leads inside a small pot using a low heat while you are ensuring the jams to be sealed very well.


The final step is for you to process the filled jars with the boiling water canner in a period of ten minutes, remember to start the timer right after the boil, after which, you may now remove the jars from the pots and have them with a counter top that is tower-lined.

By this time, you must seal all the leads after cooling for a period of two hours, you must then check the jars to ensure that they were sealed very well through pushing them down on the lead’s center, when you see that these are immobile, then these are sealed well. Buy this gourmet food online and have fun.

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How To Do A Pedicure At Home

Who doesn’t like having their feet neat and beautiful?  In order to take care of your feet you don’t need to spend hundreds of dollars on beauty treatments.  Not only that these treatments cost a lot of money, but also sometimes they can be really time consuming.

In order to do a pedicure or at home you won’t need much.  In fact, the most important thing you will need is to be willing to do a pedicure and some time to do it.  I will explain to you a step by step process which will allow you to do a home pedicure, which results as if you had been to a beauty salon.

Step One

Cute woman doing pedicure

The first step is to soak your feet in warm water for at least 5 minutes.  This will allow you to have better access to the dead skin.  Feet which have been soaked in water will be easier to maintain, and this will make all the difference in your home pedicure.  Also, you can add some salts or oils in the water if you want to treat your feet.

Step Two

Once your feet have been soaking for at least 5 minutes, preferably more and if you have time, use a foot file in order to get rid of dead skin on your heels and other parts of your feet.  If you have a lot of dead skin to remove, perhaps you could even use a callus shaver.  Make sure and that your carefully replace the blade prior to using it.  Also, remember to be very careful with this tool.  This will allow you to remove hard skin.

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Step Three

By using nail nipper or scissors you can cut your nails shorter.  Also, use on nail file to achieve the shape which you want.  By using a cuticle nipper you will be able to get rid of cuticles around your nails.  Furthermore, by using a nail pusher you can push the excess skin from around the nail back in.  Also you can use a nail remover to remove such skin.  Once you are done with preparing your nails, make sure and that you give them that special gloss by using on a nail file gloss.

Step Four

nail-polish-fumesGet a towel and a dry your thoroughly. Then choose the nail polish you want to apply to your nails. If you are having troubles with being precise with applying nail polish to your toes you can always use a toe separator to help you achieve better results. After applying one coat of nail polish you must wait for it to dry before applying a second coat. Once the second coat dries, get your favorite foot cream and gently and generously apply to your feet. Congratulations, now you know how to do a pedicure at home and it is just as simple as that!

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